• Helping you reach your best

    Our lives are constantly evolving. Just when you feel you have it all sorted, something happens to send you off course. Women in particular have many life events to navigate and some are trickier than others.

    Reaching My Best helps women find their way through life’s stages with confidence. Some of these stages can be planned for, such as pregnancy or changing job, while some appear unannounced, like the menopause. Any new event, planned for or otherwise, can affect how we cope day to day. And that in turn has an impact on our personal and professional lives and relationships.

    I use coaching and mindfulness to help you work through any sticking points you are facing and to allow you to reach your best self.

    How can coaching and mindfulness help?

    Coaching can give you the confidence to reach for your best self. We are all unique. There isn’t a one size fits all approach. What is important to you will be different to the next person. Together, we work out a plan that feels achievable for you, using methods that will get results. You’re not alone and if something isn’t working, we can adapt it until it feels right.

    Mindfulness can help you manage anxiety and stress. It allows you to be present here and now, without distraction or worry. It is a tool available to us all but isn’t always easy to master by yourself or to practice effectively. Done well, it is a fantastic way to help you reach towards your best self.

    Working with Reaching My Best allows you a confidential, safe and non-judgemental space to explore what might be holding you back or to be more mindful of the challenges you experience on a daily basis. I will give you the tools to move forward at a pace that’s right for you, through coaching and /or mindfulness.

    Who do I work with?

    I primarily work with women. It’s my mission to help women negotiate the challenges life throws at them. These might include finding a healthy work/life balance, returning to work, managing family commitments or dealing with a change in circumstances.

    Women deal with and react to certain situations in a specific way. I am trained in understanding these from a woman’s perspective – for example, how we deal with conflict, stay empowered and get our point across effectively.
    Communication is key in all our relationships and once we understand how we and others communicate, it gives us better awareness of how we interact with each other. This creates more positive, equal relationships.

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    Reach your best self with confidence through one-to-one coaching

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    Be present in the here and now and manage stress and anxiety with mindfulness-based techniques

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  • Explore self-awareness

    Be aware and in control of your actions and responses. With self-awareness, we can get more from our lives and relationships with others

  • Find your authentic self

    Being open and honest about who we are has a positive impact on our lives and the way we interact with those that are important to us

  • Improve your focus

    Distractions come in many forms and can be relentless. Learn how to stay focused on what really matters

  • Be happier

    Life is full of unexpected twists and turns, but when we keep perspective we learn to respond positively to change and are ultimately happier

  • Blog Posts

  • "I feel more calmer and not as worked up as before [the course]. I have started to step back and re-assess a stressful situation before responding."


  • "I thoroughly enjoyed my coaching sessions with Claire, I can definitely see the positive impact they’ve had both personally and professionally. Claire was friendly and supportive which created a great environment to pinpoint the exact areas I wanted to develop in and how I might achieve my goals."


  • "I really feel the course has benefited me both in work and at home, my husband has actually commented on how much calmer I am when reacting to stressful situations. I have never fully allowed myself the time to get to grips with mindfulness and the course has provided that focus time and given me the tools to embed it into my everyday life. I now couldn’t imagine not using it, so huge thanks!!"


  • "The biggest thing [improvement] is putting things into perspective. Stress still happens but I find it doesn’t last for as long and I work through situations in a more helpful way."


  • "Claire was incredibly good at asking me questions that challenged me and helped me develop my thought process. It was incredibly helpful to discuss how my disability affects me and what techniques I can employ in my day-to-day job."


  • "Claire made me feel at ease and it was easy to open up to her… I have more peace within myself and understand my values and who I want to become. With this clarity I am much more conscious of my state of mind and I am able to stay focused and more present. The coaching has led me to be more purposeful in seeking a new job - something I have needed to do for a while - the wheels are now in motion!"


  • "I feel more positive and confident in my day job. In my personal life I’ve been able to step back a bit and get out of my head about things, using a similar approach of questioning what it actually is that’s making me feel a certain emotion in a moment, and what I can do about that. Alongside other basic mindfulness techniques, like 5 deep breaths, this has made a big difference to my mood and reactions to unexpected news/events. "


  • "Claire made me feel really comfortable very quickly, the way she listened and responded felt non-judgmental but I still trusted that she would ask challenging questions where necessary. She was able to push me to think for myself and reach my own conclusions. This was a really useful as a confidence boost for me to show me that I was able to, with some guidance, reach solutions."


  • "A massive thank you for the course. It’s been brilliant; the best mindfulness course I have done. My short temper seems to have disappeared I don’t overreact and panic now. If I feel any kind of stress I walk away and take a mindful moment to sort myself out. You’ve given me more than my GP for my menopause too. I sleep better can calm a hot flush – it really does help me!"

    8-week course participant

  • "I have found the sessions very useful and inspiring. I “catch” my unhelpful thoughts more often and redirect my attention to the present."

    8-week course participant