• About Me

    I am a coach, mentor and mindfulness teacher. I help women at all stages of life overcome any obstacles they may be facing. We are all different and each of us approaches problems in our own way. I am here to help you navigate whatever it is that is stopping you, so you can reach your best self.

    I work with my clients in a matter-of-fact way, using practical and actionable steps that are doable, and tasks that are manageable. This means you will reach your best at the pace that works best for you.

    As a coach, I believe that we all have the potential to reach our best, but we may need guidance to get there. I speak from experience. I have had three different careers and retrained for each of them. Additionally, I have two children and understand the juggling required to manage the balance between home and work.

    My work life has been varied. I have worked for myself, for international companies, management consultancies and in the public sector. I’ve worked independently and as part of a team. This has included working for established and start-up companies in the UK and across the world. After having my children and following redundancy, I retrained as an interior designer and set up own business.

    As I moved back into the employed work, I realised I had reached a stage where I wanted to give more back. I knew my interests lay in health, wellbeing and physical fitness, and so I reassessed my strengths and goals. This led me to gain coaching, mediation and mindfulness qualifications, as well as becoming a qualified mental health first aider.

    The aim of Reaching My Best is to help women explore their self-awareness and to gain the confidence to be their most authentic selves. This means you can ultimately be happy and healthy, regardless of which one of the many roles you are playing in your life; partner, parent, friend, colleague. I believe that coaching and mindfulness are powerful tools to help achieve this.

  • "Claire made me feel really comfortable very quickly, the way she listened and responded felt non-judgmental but I still trusted that she would ask challenging questions where necessary. She was able to push me to think for myself and reach my own conclusions. This was a really useful as a confidence boost for me to show me that I was able to, with some guidance, reach solutions."


  • "Claire made me feel at ease and it was easy to open up to her… I have more peace within myself and understand my values and who I want to become. With this clarity I am much more conscious of my state of mind and I am able to stay focused and more present. The coaching has led me to be more purposeful in seeking a new job - something I have needed to do for a while - the wheels are now in motion!"


  • "Claire was incredibly good at asking me questions that challenged me and helped me develop my thought process. It was incredibly helpful to discuss how my disability affects me and what techniques I can employ in my day-to-day job."


  • "I thoroughly enjoyed my coaching sessions with Claire, I can definitely see the positive impact they’ve had both personally and professionally. Claire was friendly and supportive which created a great environment to pinpoint the exact areas I wanted to develop in and how I might achieve my goals."