What are the benefits of coaching?

How can working with a coach benefit me?

What is a coach?

Generally, when we hear the term coach we think of a sports coach – or at least I used to! It’s easy to understand the role of a coach in the context of reaching your best in your chosen field of sport. Why should this be any different when it comes to wanting to reach the best self we can be in our everyday life?

Merrian-Webster’s online dictionary defines a coach as “a private tutor” or “one who instructs or trains”. I often get asked “Are you a life coach?” or “What sort of coaching do you do?”.

What does a coach do?

The truth is that as a coach, the skills that we learn allow us to coach someone about any topic. A good coach is a great, empathic listener and asks simple, yet powerful, and at times challenging questions. The coach leads their client to define their own actions. At the end of a session a client should come away with practical steps or actions they can do to set them on their path to reach their goal.

Which areas of my life will benefit from coaching?

I’m a life coach, a women’s coach, a career coach, a personal development coach. As a woman that has some experience in life, parenting, relationships, business, and career change, my aim is to help women navigate the challenges that we face at various stages in our lives. There are many times when we experience a crisis of confidence and we don’t know how to get through our current situation. I’m here to help you through these stages so that you can grow and become, or rediscover, your best self; as a friend, partner, parent, employee, entrepreneur or as simply yourself.

How will I benefit from working with a coach?

Hopefully, this means that the benefits of coaching become clear. Coaching gives you the time and space to work through the challenges that stand between you and your ambitions. A coach will listen to you without judgement. How often are we truly listened to? Friends and loved ones are quick to provide their own perspective and what they would do if they were you. This often comes from a good place, but only you know what is right for you. A coach will ask you questions to help you discover and articulate what works for you. The actions you come away with come from you – no one else. The benefit is that you are much more likely to follow through with a task that you defined for yourself!

For more information on the services Reaching My Best offers take a look at the Coaching or contact me for a free 30-minute session so we can talk about how you can rediscover your best self!

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