Whatever you're doing today, do it with the confidence of a 4 year old wearing a superhero costume

I’m a superhero!

Do you want to know something that I’ve never told anyone before?

I’m a superhero!

I’m still working out what my super powers are. I can’t turn objects into ice – but I do get ice cold fingers. I can’t crush things into a pulp – but I do give great hugs (or so I am told!). I can’t hear the quietest of sounds – but I am a really good listener.

What I do know is that my super powers were not pre-determined and they are not set in stone. I am the master of my continuously evolving super powers. Once I wasn’t patient, but I’m proud of how patient I can be as a parent these days (thank you daily mindfulness!).

Wonder Woman

I know that if I stand in front of a mirror and tell myself that I am Wonder Women (or Black Widow if you prefer Marvel like my daughter; who would be proud of me for know the difference between the two universes if she were to read this!). And if I stand there and tell myself that I am Wonder Women my brain will help me believe it and I will develop the confidence to take on a challenge that is out of my comfort zone.

It’s a fun, rewarding and challenging journey and I can’t wait to see where it all takes me.

Up is the only way!

I help women strike their own balance between their career, family and self with confidence and without guilt.

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Find the superhero in you!

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