Rediscover your best self through coaching and mindfulness. Image of a woman sat on a beach looking at the horizon with the motivation to reach her best self

Rediscover your best self

Do you ever wonder how you can rediscover your best self and focus on what is important to you?

Life can be planned or unexpected

Sometimes we have a plan. Other times we move opportunistically from one thing to the next as options present themselves. Be it planned, or unexpected, we never really know what is coming next and sometimes it can take us by surprise. We rarely find ourselves completely prepared for big changes in our lives. For instance, this could be moving jobs, having children, being a parent, the onset of (peri)menopause.

Among other things, we can learn from the Coronavirus pandemic. It has taught us all that life as we know if can change in an instant. We need to be able to adapt and readapt.

All of these events can leave us feeling lost, stressed, anxious or overwhelmed.

Ways to find clarity and focus

Whilst they both work in different ways, coaching and mindfulness can work hand-in-hand or independently. They help reduce stress and anxiety, provide clarity and focus and improve our self-confidence. Both coaching and mindfulness provide the space to explore our goals, understand our motivations and to not get caught up in spiralling (negative) thoughts of self-doubt.

Embarking on a journey of rediscovery

Reaching My Best offers a place of non-judgement and confidentiality. A safe place where we can rediscover ourselves. For example, this could be who or what we want to be, how we get there, understanding or values or beliefs (some of which can be limiting us). It could be about learning to have the confidence to love ourselves and stand up for who we are.

Rediscovering ourselves and learning how to be the best version of ourself can help us in so many day-to-day situations. You may be going for a promotion or a new job. You could want to respectfully challenging a colleague that you have a difficult relationship with. Or you might want to be the best partner, parent or friend to those that are most important to us.

For more information on the services Reaching My Best offers take a look at the Coaching and Mindfulness pages or contact me for a free 30-minute session so we can talk about how you can rediscover your best self.

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