• Coaching

    Coaching empowers us to solve our problems or obstacles through insightful and powerful questioning. It can help you learn about and identify limiting beliefs as well as understand your attitudes, behaviours and perceptions of the world around you. This knowledge then allows you to become more self-aware.

    This deep dive is difficult to do by yourself. You need someone who will properly listen in an objective and non-judgmental way, letting you find the confidence to move past your ‘problem’ and plan for the future.

    When you work with me, I will guide you towards actionable solutions that will create real, meaningful and sustainable change, whatever your goal or challenge. I won’t give you a set of actions and then leave you to get on with it.

    Coaching is about accountability – in a gentle and encouraging way. So if something isn’t working for you, we can reset until you are comfortable and making progress. This way you will reach your unique best self.

    I am based in Tunbridge Wells in Kent, so if you are nearby we can meet in person – I love to walk and talk so let me know if this appeals to you. Alternatively, we can meet over Zoom wherever you are based.

    Examples of Coaching Topics

    Here are some examples of topics that I can help you with.

    • Returning to work from maternity leave; how do I juggle my career and parenthood?
    • Being a parent; how can I be the best parent for my children?
    • Managing work/life balance; how or where is the perfect balance between work and home? How do I stop one from impacting the other? Can they co-exist?
    • New career; I’m ready for a change but where do I start? What am I good at?
    • Feeling stressed or anxious; it’s all too much, how can I focus?
    • (Peri)menopausal; I’m changing. How do I get through it?
    • Purpose; what is my life purpose? How can I give something back?
    • Conflict; how do I approach conflict in my life constructively?

    Everyone has their own specific needs, so please do contact me if you don’t see your particular area of concern here.


    Group workshops present an opportunity to master some of the topics that come up frequently in coaching sessions.

    This could be how to define your purpose or values, how to develop better habits or how to communicate more effectively.

    Working with other people adds a different dynamic and the power of working and sharing with others can have a positive impact of the outcomes you achieve.

    Details of upcoming Workshops: Coming Soon

    Wellbeing Coaching and Mindfulness Programme

    I can create a wellbeing programme of coaching and mindfulness tailored to your needs. This is a bespoke service focusing on reaching your best. We will combine coaching and mindfulness that will work together to help identify your purpose, together with some advice on wellbeing to help you build a healthier lifestyle. This is perfect if you are not certain of your purpose in life and want to feel more grounded in the everyday.

    Your programme might include a framework to help you communicate more effectively, pinpoint what is important to you and identify your strengths and weaknesses and how to work with them, while being more mindful of yourself throughout the process.

  • "I have found the sessions very useful and inspiring. I “catch” my unhelpful thoughts more often and redirect my attention to the present."

    8-week course participant

  • "A massive thank you for the course. It’s been brilliant; the best mindfulness course I have done. My short temper seems to have disappeared I don’t overreact and panic now. If I feel any kind of stress I walk away and take a mindful moment to sort myself out. You’ve given me more than my GP for my menopause too. I sleep better can calm a hot flush – it really does help me!"

    8-week course participant

  • "I feel more positive and confident in my day job. In my personal life I’ve been able to step back a bit and get out of my head about things, using a similar approach of questioning what it actually is that’s making me feel a certain emotion in a moment, and what I can do about that. Alongside other basic mindfulness techniques, like 5 deep breaths, this has made a big difference to my mood and reactions to unexpected news/events. "


  • "Claire made me feel at ease and it was easy to open up to her… I have more peace within myself and understand my values and who I want to become. With this clarity I am much more conscious of my state of mind and I am able to stay focused and more present. The coaching has led me to be more purposeful in seeking a new job - something I have needed to do for a while - the wheels are now in motion!"